2015 BTUSFMS #3 – Midwestern Hospitality


July 2, 2015

Our first night on the road from Minneapolis we stayed in Dalbo, MN, pop. 80 (“When everyone comes home for the holidays”). Those of us who’ve never done the Northern Tier didn’t know what to expect.

Not to worry. A local farmer, Donn Olson, and his wife, Sherrie, run the Bicyclist Bunkhouse. Donn was born and raised on the farm. His dad grew up on the next farm north, and his mom grew up on the farm north of that.

Donn and Sherrie converted their barn into a bunkhouse with three rooms that each sleep two. They put in a TV, a microwave, and a pizza oven. They also converted their old silo into another sleeping room, built a solar shower, and a pit toilet. They also offer cycling groups access to additional sleeping rooms and a shower in the basement of their house.

In addition to the facilities, Donn and Sherrie fed us dinner—grilled brats, sloppy joes, baked beans, chips, and chocolate chip cookies.

Oh, and it was all free.

Minnesota did us proud.


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