2018 BTUSFMS #7 – Ebb and Flow


August 23, 2018

I’m sitting outside my tent at the base of a redwood tree on the banks of a river. It’s a deeply resonant ending place for a day that was a meditation in ebb and flow, listening to the bike and body, while watching the terrain and road surface.

Cycling is a study in motion and stillness—finding the rhythm and cadence that stays attuned to the shifting landscape and, equally, to the body’s changing energy.

This stretch of Highway 1 along the Northern California coast is a continuous undulating ribbon of rolling hills and winding turns. Ebb and flow is a constant reality, and in its midst we try, through properly timed shifting of gears, to maintain a stillness within the whirr of wheels and gears and miles.

In moments, it’s magical, like the sudden opening in awareness during meditation. You don’t expect to achieve this every time, but when you do, it’s transformative.


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