Roots and Freedom


I recently put new wheels on my bike. At the same time, I switched from 25mm to 28mm tires. I was amazed at how much difference that could make.

It seems that how well we’re connected influences how freely we can move. Our roots may sometimes seem to limit our freedom. But sometimes, they empower it.

I’ve experienced a similar, temporary, feeling when I’ve put new tires on our car. Driving away, the vehicle feels so much more solid on the road.

The sensation is even more dramatic and sustained on a bicycle. Maybe because there’s much less surface area touching the ground, and so much less separating us from that ground while we move.

I notice the difference most where I feel most vulnerable–on long, steep descents. I’m a bit of a wimp at speeds approaching 40 mph.

Now, I haven’t suddenly turned into a maniac on the mountain, but I’m more relaxed, and that not only makes descents easier, it makes the whole experience on the bike more fun. I’ve fallen in love with cycling, and my bike, all over again. Because I feel grounded.

It’s a connection that carries the seeds of freedom.

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