2019 BTUSFMS #14 – Invitation

September 7 | Bakersfield

Have you ever dreamed of riding a bicycle across the country, around your state, or along one of the coasts? If so, do it; if not, consider it.

Cycling can not only take us virtually anywhere, it does so at a tempo and in a manner that opens all five senses to the world around us. It’s transformative.

I’ve participated in four multi-day rides with Bike The US For MS, and if long-distance cycling appeals to you, I invite you to explore their website and to sign up for one of their rides.

You have the option of completing a full route or riding a segment of any length–from a single day to several weeks.

The central purpose of all the BTUSFMS rides is to raise funds in support of those living with multiple sclerosis. Rather than paying a fee to ride, the cyclists agree to raise donations. So, the rides combine the adventure of a lifetime with the opportunity to support a worthwhile cause and a compassionate and deeply committed organization.

But if charity rides don’t appeal to you, there are many commercial outfits that run bike tours of varying lengths all around the country.

And if cycling isn’t what inspires your sense of adventure, then I invite you to find, cherish, and feed what does. When we’re inspired and engaged, we’re much more fully present. And when we show up, the world reveals itself in ways that never cease to amaze.

To end this series of posts from my 2019 ride with BTUSFMS down the California coast, I’m going to close with an excerpt from Feather And Stone, a collection of poems I wrote many years ago, based on the movements in Guang Ping Yang taijiquan:

Carry each moment as if it was your last;
Explore each moment as if it was your first;
Conduct each moment as if it was the one for which you will be held accountable.

To learn more about Bike The US For MS, visit biketheusforms.org.

3 thoughts on “2019 BTUSFMS #14 – Invitation

  1. Setting off on Cycle Oregon tomorrow, what great thoughts to get started with and keep close along the way. Congrats on completing your adventure, at least until the next one.


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