2019 BTUSFMS #2 – Rendezvous

August 26 | Sausalito

I met up with the Pacific Coast team this afternoon. We’re staying at Christ Episcopal Church in Sausalito, spread out over their community rooms. It’s a beautiful spot high in the hills overlooking SF Bay. Tomorrow we ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and head for Highway 1 and San Diego.

The team arrived yesterday, so this is their second night at the church. But my wife, Elizabeth, and I drove down from Seattle and have spent the last two nights with friends across the bay. Elizabeth dropped me off in Sausalito after we got some lunch. She’s headed down to Big Sur for a 4-day retreat before continuing on down to San Diego where she’ll visit with family before picking me up.

Rest days usually come every couple of weeks on these rides. It’s a chance to relax, do laundry, restock supplies, and prepare for the next stage of the ride. For me, this particular rest day is a little different because I’m just starting, so there’s nothing really to restock or recover from. I just need to study the map of tomorrow’s route.

The Pacific Coast is one of five major routes that Bike The US For MS runs in the States. The other four are the Atlantic Coast from St Augustine, FL to Bar Harbor, ME; the Northern Tier from Bar Harbor to Seattle, the Southern Tier from San Diego to St Augustine; and the TransAmerica from Yorktown, VA to San Francisco. They also do a route the length of the UK.

To learn more about BTUSFMS, visit biketheusforms.org.

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