2019 BTUSFMS #9 – Rest Day

September 2 | Goleta

img_0747And on the seventh day, the Route Leaders said, “Rest,” and it was good. On all Bike The US For MS rides, rest days are scheduled approximately every 7-10 days. It allows the riders to take a break from their bike, do laundry, stock up on food, do some exploring, or just lay low.

It’s also an opportunity to do service projects for local people living with MS–anything from yard work to painting to light construction. No service projects were planned today, so we had a team meeting where our two members who have MS talked about their experience with the disease. Then some of us washed the two vans and trailer.

I had planned to go to a laundromat, but found that none of the local ones are open on Labor Day. So I washed the most important stuff in the sink and have them hanging out to dry.

I’ll probably clean my bike and actually rest. It’s so easy to reflexively fill empty time with activity–any activity–when the most constructive and productive use of time might be to do nothing. That can be a deceptively difficult lesson to learn.

So that’s my project for today.

To learn more about Bike The US For MS, visit biketheusforms.org.

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