2019 BTUSFMS #10 – SoCal

September 3 | Malibu

No, we’re not biking with the stars, although one of our Route Leaders met Martin Sheen today, while standing in line behind him in a grocery store.

We’re actually staying at Leo Carillo State Beach, camped under a massive tree that’s sheltering nine of our tents. The park isn’t posh, but it technically does have a Malibu address.

Today’s ride marks a significant change in terrain. We rode 73 miles, but all but ten of those miles were on bike paths and side roads. There was only 1100 feet of climbing, which, spread out over three-quarters of a century, translate to virtually flat.

In contrast to the mountains we’ve been climbing since San Francisco (or that the team has been riding over since Seattle) this felt like a Sunday cruise.

But it’s still amazing to ride along the Pacific Ocean. The fact that now there are surfers and RVs all along the route instead of waterfalls, forests, and rivers is just window dressing. The ocean is an impassive observer of all the hurrying and scurrying, or even the meditative contemplation happening on its shoreline. It’s a good reality check about how important our comings and goings are.

They’re important, of course, within the context of our lives. But within the context of life, we scarcely make a ripple.

That’s a good lesson in humility in Southern California or anywhere. And it’s also a good reminder that ripples do have an effect. So, only being a ripple is not really an only at all.

It just means we have to pick and choose our moments mindfully.

To learn more about Bike The US For MS, visit biketheusforms.org.


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